We Give Back

Every time you buy a Grow Box, you are supporting the fight against human trafficking and extreme poverty! 
A portion of our proceeds support Christian Ministries.
Together we can do it!
"Meeting each girl where she is at, on her journey, is essential to building trust. Each journey looks unique. When looking at the issues holistically, we must include discipleship, when she is ready. The Grow Box will allow us to connect a survivor, when she is ready, to spiritual nourishment. We are thrilled for this resource to be available to help in their journey!" 

Hannah ArrowoodExecutive Director, Present Age Ministries

Our mission is to love Israel, the orphans, widows and the poor. God heart is for Israel's restoration. He promised he would care for them as a Father. In Christ, it is our job to share the Good News with them (Romans 11:11). Pray for them as a nation (Psalm 122) and give them offerings of love (Romans 15:27). As we fulfill this commission we touch the apple of ️Gods eye. Further, God's love for orphans, widows and the poor is evident in his Word all throughout scripture. He tells us to be busy remembering the poor (Galatians 2:10) and that pure religion in his sight is to care for orphans and widow in distress (James 1:27). When we show these acts of love and kindness we are standing in the shoes of our loving Father on earth having his kingdom come.

Traci Slusarski, Executive Director, Whatever Is Pure